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  • San Andres

    San Andres

    Welcome to the Island. Dive among corals and beautiful colorful fish. Sink into the little streets where you can still hear some reggae. Surfing the rocky beaches and pricking your fingers.

  • Miami Vice City

    Miami Vice City

    Miami Vice City is a revealing visual collection comprised of 30 carefully selected photographs, captured in the enclaves of Miami Beach and Wynwood. This exhibition seeks to unravel the complexity hidden behind the city’s apparent bright and vibrant façade. From the bustling streets of Wynwood to the sunny beaches of Miami Beach, the images reveal…

  • San Francisco, vibrant

    San Francisco, vibrant

    San Francisco, vibrant. It vibrates in its cobbled alleys with the traces of countless stories. It vibrates with the beatniks immersed in the jazz that resonates through its streets. It vibrates with its poets declaiming verses of freedom and flowing like an indomitable river. It vibrates in its ports where activity does not cease, and…

  • Lights and shadows of San Francisco

    Lights and shadows of San Francisco

    Lights and Shadows of San Francisco is a collection made up of 30 photographs that achieve artistic expressiveness through simplicity and the play of gray scales that range from matte white to deep black. This set highlights the fascinating history of one of the most emblematic cities in the United States, the birthplace of key…

  • New York II

    New York II

    New York City boyYou’ll never have a bored dayCause you’re a New York City boyWhere Seventh Avenue meets BroadwayThe street is amazingThe hoochies unrealCheck out all the hardwareAt the latest dealHear a songThat’s the bomb!If you don’t get the mixIt’s gone eighty-sixYou feel the deal is realYou’re in New York City Pet Shop Boys Joven…

  • New York I

    New York I

    New York the city of contrasts. A visual tour of the streets that stimulate even the most absorbed person in the world. A place where daily reflection is necessary in the midst of noise, lights and traffic. A break from the hustle and bustle to see a museum, a millionaire street and a visit to…

  • Boyacá in B/W

    Boyacá in B/W

    Boyacá in black and white is a land of papas and ruanas, vessels and stones, statues and monuments, churches and industries, forests and deserts, sun and rain at the same time, triangles and arches, metals and mud, walls like the milk and carrot-colored roofs, multi-tone greens and giant leaves, beers with friends and Colombian music,…

  • Boyacá in Colors

    Boyacá in Colors

    Boyacá in colors is a visual journey through the streets of adorable little towns. Every July 20, Colombia’s independence day (what independence?) Colombians celebrate our wealth. The soul of these little towns is the same as the people who inhabit them. Small magical places of abundance fill the streets with a very particular flavor and…

  • Guatavita


    Living with cold, a cold that freezes the bones and that sinks to the deepest of thoughts. A weekend trip, a short return, a trip through the “cerquita a Bogotá”, a sunscreen, a cyclist, some cars, some friends, beers and mountains. Living with a sun that burns the cheeks and moves the economy in a…

  • Semáforo en Rojo 🔴

    Semáforo en Rojo 🔴

    Excluding a person because of their appearance, their beliefs, their work or their way of seeing life is a total mistake, discovering such valuable people at a traffic light is priceless. It is necessary to support local art and talent. This photographic essay seeks to give visibility to a marginalized and discriminated population, street workers.…