Miami Vice City

Miami Vice City is a revealing visual collection comprised of 30 carefully selected photographs, captured in the enclaves of Miami Beach and Wynwood. This exhibition seeks to unravel the complexity hidden behind the city’s apparent bright and vibrant façade. From the bustling streets of Wynwood to the sunny beaches of Miami Beach, the images reveal a city immersed in the constant search for indulgence, where excesses and worldly pleasures are intertwined in a whirlwind of lights, colors and emotions.

Through the photographer’s gaze, the linguistic duality of Miami is examined, where Spanish challenges the common expectation of language, reflecting a rich cultural diversity and revealing latent tensions between communities. The photographs also reveal the city’s obsession with superficial perfection, from the gleaming buildings to the beaches filled with sculpted bodies, they highlight the artificiality of this pursuit. Additionally, the exhibition explores the narrative of deception and forgetfulness in Miami, from the loss of cultural identity to the renunciation of roots and traditions, questioning the sustainability of a life based on excess and the constant search for more and more. “Miami Vice City” invites viewers to reflect on everything having, all money, all power, challenging preconceived perceptions and revealing the true essence of this city of striking contrasts.